Zayin Class Updates 2018-2019 (5779)

Allan Arnet and Annie Glasser have been teaching our Jewish Literacy Lab (aka “JLab) on Wednesdays to serve as an enrichment to this year’s Kitah Zayin learning and help make sure that their literacy for as much Jewish knowledge as possible continues to grow.  Yesterday in JLab we rounded out our fourth session with personal commentaries on passages from the Torah. After learning about Rashi, one of the most influential Jewish commentators, and doing a group commentary on the first sentence of the Torah, this week each student did their own! Students either chose passages from their bat/bar mitzvah parshiot or from this week’s parsha. Some of the selections included:

1. “The cloud covered the Tent of Meeting, and the Presence of the LORD filled the Tabernacle.”

2. “Now Esau harbored a grudge against Jacob because of the blessing which his father had given him, and Esau said to himself, “Let but the mourning period of my father come, and I will kill my brother Jacob.”

3. “You shall put the Israelites on guard against their uncleanness, lest they die through their uncleanness by defiling My Tabernacle which is among them.”

There has been a lot of deep thinking and creativity in JLab. Next week, students will be given an opportunity to share their commentaries before they are displayed on our classroom wall.

Ask your kids:

Who was Rashi?  When and why are commentaries important?

-Written 11-8-18 by Mr. Allan Arnet aarnet and Annie Glasser,

Today in class we took a look at a new amusement park that opened up in Kentucky. A group of people built an actual Noah’s ark to biblical scale. It really looks like an amazing place. I was disappointed to find out that the company behind the Ark will only hire straight, Christian people that believe the story of Noah happened as detailed in the Bible. The kids and I spoke about this in detail. Please ask your child for his or her point of view.  We also enhanced our prayer vocabulary through scoring games and Hebrew reading.

-Written 11-7-18 by Mr. Allan Arnet aarnet and Morah Sandra Mieli

The Zayin and Prozdor students volunteered at the Ark this week.  The students had an opportunity to sort the hundreds of items brought in by our congregants. Thank you to the parent volunteers and chaperones who helped make this field trip possible.

-Composed 10-14-18 by Morah Sandra Mieli Kamm, 

In the Jewish Literacy Lab (JLab) we have used a Humash to look at the creation story. After the first 5 days, G-d sees the creation and pronounces them “good.” Why on the 6th day, when G-d created humans, us, doesn’t G-d call us good?  We did hevruta study and every student participated in the share-back.

We then studied using the commentator Rashi.  We focused on the question “How do we interpret in a beginning versus in the beginning.  The students learned that there are potentially commentaries on every word in the Torah.

The students were then engaged in the next class in group discussion Every student participated. This was great set-up for next week when the students wrote their own commentaries!

-Composed 10-10-18 by Morah Annie Glasser, 

The students have been focusing on the concepts of Teshuvah (returning to God) and Vidui (Confession).  We examined several sources.  Two of the most powerful pieces that the Zayin students connected with were videos, followed by discussions and group activities.  One video was of a baseball player who finished her college career with an injury and the players from the opposing team carried her around the bases to help her fulfill her dream of hitting a homerun during her college career.  We also examined the Chicago Cubs apologies to Steve Bartman, putting to rest of 12-13 year pain that Steve Bartman had endured.  It is never too late for a complete and sincere apology!

-Composed 9-17-18 by Morah Sandra Mieli Kamm, and Mr. Allan Arnet,


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