SJS Mystery Reader FAQ for Gan Class 2018-2019

SJS Mystery Reader FAQ for Gan Class 2018-2019

                    What is a Mystery Reader?

A surprise reader who comes in to the classroom and reads to the Gan children.

Who can be a Mystery Reader?

Ema/Abba (Parents), Sabba/Savta (Grandparents) or other family members

                  What time do Mystery Readers typically read?

Typically, between 11:30am and 12:00pm (but time can be adjusted if needed)

When can I be a Mystery Reader?

Whenever you are able to come

Do I bring in my own books to read?

Feel free to bring in any Jewish book that is a favorite of your child’s or read a book from the classroom library.

How do I sign up to be a Mystery Reader?

Please contact Mr. Charlie Sherman or 847-708-1805 (talk or text) and let him know the Sunday that works best for you.  Feel to sign up for as many Sundays as you want.  We are hoping to get 100% participation

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