Jewish Literacy: Key Vocabulary for all SJS students

Prayer Tefillah Adonai/Elohim Siddur B’racha Sh’ma Torah Tanakh/Jewish Bible People, Places, Things Rabbi Chazzan/Cantor Moreh/Morah Aron Kodesh Bimah Kippah/Yarmulke Tallit Tzitzit Mezuzah Am Yisrael (Chai!) Eretz Yisrael Mitzvah Tzedakah Kosher/Kashrut Magen David Holidays Shabbat Shabbat Shalom Kiddush Motzi Havdalah Rosh haShanah Shofar Yom Kippur Sukkot Sukkah Chag sameach Lulav Etrog Simchat Torah Chanukkah Chanukiyah Shammas… Read More

Attention Rising 8th Grade Parents & Students: IsraelNow (formerly Ta’am Yisrael) Information Session

Dear Am Yisrael Parents and Rising 8th Grade Students, IsraelNow, formerly known as Ta’am Israel, is now booking trips to Israel for March 21-30, 2022.  Registration is open for the 2022 season.  Space is filling up quickly for the March trip. These trips are designed for 8th grade students. If you would like more information, please save… Read More

Collection for the Ark at Am Yisrael Drive-In Movie — May 23

*Brown rice-unprocessed (no seasonings) *Cold cereal-any General Mills or Kellogg’s, other than Cheerios and those with marshmallows (unsweetened cereals are preferred). *Canned fruits, Dole or Del Monte (sugar-free Del Monte canned peaches and pears are desirable, also apple sauce). *Canned vegetables-peas, corn, green beans (Green Giant, Del Monte) *Canned tuna, preferably in water (Chicken of… Read More