Kahoot Chug (5779)

Today we took a fun deviation and first saw some fun You Tubes of Pasover Parodies using all the Passover songs and parts of the Seder.  I then had them guess what parts of the Seder the videos were discussing and explain what it meant. We also continued with a Kahoot on the holiday of Passover

-Written 4-14-19 by Mr. Dennis Gelbartdgelbart@amyisrael.org

Today we did next weeks Parshat Vayikra (third book which we talked about) regarding the Karbanot on Kahoot. We reviewed the different types of sacrifices and how different people offered them, afterwards we did a Kahoot on the topic and listed to our continuing video on synagogues throughout the world.

-Written 3-10-19 by Mr. Dennis Gelbartdgelbart@amyisrael.org

This week’s portion (I give them the upcoming Shabbat portion) concerns the plagues in Egypt. We talked about the differences and groups of plagues and went into the two Kahoots regarding the history of plagues, what they were, and how it affected Jews and Egyptians.  For example, the plague of darkness, were Jews also in the dark and if an Egyptian lit a candle would he/she see light?

-Written 1-6-19 by Mr. Dennis Gelbartdgelbart@amyisrael.org

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