Todah Rabbah & Mazal Tov

Dear Attendees of yesterday’s programming,

First of all, thank you to all of you for spending your morning with us yesterday at Am Yisrael.  We truly hope that you were all enriched by the experiences described below:
Zayin Superstars: Mazal Tov to you and your families on your tremendous efforts to make yesterday’s Mitzvah Projects Presentation a huge success.  Each of you in your own ways brought your “A” game to the presentations and your boards are beautiful.  Attached are the pictures of you with your tri-fold boards.  Todah Rabbah for inspiring all of the children in Gan through Prozdor (as well as all of us adults) about the importance of performing mitzvot that support Israel, your own passions and our congregation, with a Biblical and/or Talmudic verse at the core.  You also made it very clear to all of us in the audience that performing mitzvot is a lifelong process.  Behind every excellent student are the facilitators of information and a huge amount of credit goes to Mrs. Sender and Mrs. Kamm for all of the work that you did behind the scenes to help our Zayin students shine.  We also thank Rabbi Newman Kamin for her putting the entire program in perspective as always, Mr. Sender who also helped lead the students for a few sessions, Mrs. Berlow who helped with technical support, Mr. Bogucki for all of the set-up and our photographer and videographers, Nathan Brodkin and Gabi Froum.

Sharon Morton: On behalf of all of us at Am Yisrael, Todah Rabbah to you for your inspiring Tikkun Olam presentation.  I had several parents come up to me after your presentation and tell me how meaningful your words were to them and to their children.  You are a gift to our community and to all those who encounter your stories and words of wisdom!  This was the first time that I was fortunate to work directly with you on a program and it is incredibly clear how you were so successful for 32 years at Am Shalom prior to your retirement and continue to make a big difference in so many people’s lives post-retirement!

Naomi Senser: While I was coordinating three major programs yesterday, unfortunately I was unable to attend your session.  Thank you for inspiring our Vav students and their families on the importance of inclusion in the Middle School setting within a Jewish context.  In speaking with some families after the program, it looks as though Shalva will be a mitzvah project featured at next year’s Mitzvah Projects Presentation.  Kol HaKavod and Todah Rabbah as always!

Kevin Ball and Sarah Rothschild and all of the rest of the Maot Chitim Volunteers: Thank you so much to Kevin and Sarah for coordinating Maot Chitim deliveries to countless individuals and families at the building on Sheridan Road in the city yesterday that was assigned to our congregation and our neighbor congregation Beth Hillel Congregation B’nai Emunah.  I heard from many people how much they enjoyed getting to make such a profound difference and make experiencing Pesach possible for the residents of this building.  You were part of a city-wide effort to give 15,000 people in Chicagoland a Passover experience.  One of our Mitzvah Project presenters would have been with you yesterday, but she was trying to inspire many within our audience about the importance of performing this mitzvah in the future.  She has already “signed up” to participating in deliveries food as part of the Rosh Hashanah Maot Chitim program.
Warm regards,


Charlie Sherman, M.A. Ed.
School Director
Am Yisrael Conservative Congregation
4 Happ Road
Northfield, IL 60093
Phone: 847/446.7215 ext. 12

In the spirit of bal tashhit (do not destroy needlessly), please consider the environment before deciding to print this e-mail.

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