34th Week: SJS 5/31 is FINAL SESSION OF 2014-2015

We are embarking on our final SJS session of the academic year.  On Sunday, May 31st, we will say goodbye to another school year.  The 10th Graders will share reflections, we will take pictures, our teens will raise money for Tzedakah with the annual AMUSY Car Wash ($10 to have your car washed), we will install a new AMUSY Board, we will thank the outgoing AMUSY Board, we will hand out report cards, share in some ice cream sundaes and have our bi-annual Chugim Presentation.
I am so grateful to our wonderful Am Yisrael community for all that everyone put in to making this a fantastic year.  Our number of students reached an all-time high during my time as School Director and we have seen so many students progress in their Hebrew skills and/or ability to see the world through a “Jewish lens”.  I am also grateful to the educators who demonstrated creativity and pushed the envelope to get our students to reach their potential.  Let’s try to fill the bins in the synagogue lobby and SJS lobby with the items that our friends at the Ark desperately need, as the summer months are so incredibly difficult for them.  

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