Teshuvah, Tzedakah and Tefillah

Three main concepts of this time of the year in the Jewish calendar are Teshuvah, Tzedakah and Tefillah.  It is important not only to learn concepts but to live them.  The Hebrew month of Elul is a time to reflect on what we need to do better in the upcoming year.  A true apology involves not making the same mistake again.  There are many ways of giving.  We need to give of our time, give items to those who don’t have them and give money to those less fortunate.  Praying the words with our hearts, talking directly to G-d is so important this time of the year.  We teach these concepts at Am Yisrael SJS and we hope to inspire our students to live the concepts.  If you click on this link you will see how much Tzedakah each of our classes have brought in the first three sessions this year and how much they brought in last year: https://amyisrael.org/content/tzedakah-totals-5775-2014-15-note-previous-year-totals-directly-below.  We are so proud of our students who are learning to make a real difference in our world!

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