Purim Carnival Details

Am Yisrael’s Purim Carnival will be March 4th from 10:00 a.m.-12:15 p.m.  Advanced ticket sales are 5 for $1.00 and go through Wed. Feb. 29th.  Envelopes must be sent to Am Yisrael c/o Mr. Sherman, brought in to the office or handed directly to me.  Advanced ticket purchases will be given to participants in an envelope with their name on them at the ticket booth the day of the Carnival.  Tickets are 4 for $1.00 at the door.  Games are geared for 2-12 year olds and our Teachers, Hebrew Tutors, Madrichim, Adult Volunteers, USY Board, Prozdor, Pardes and Confirmation students and other teens will assist with running the activities.  Full lunch at the “Shushan Cafe, Am Yisrael Style” will cost 16 tickets.  All participants who come dressed in costume will win a prize.  Most activities will be three tickets.  Parents or guardians of 2nd Grade and under participants must accompany them.  Special thanks to Carnival Chair Judy Grossbard for the countless hours she has put into this event.


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