Collection for the Ark at Am Yisrael Drive-In Movie — May 23

*Brown rice-unprocessed (no seasonings)

*Cold cereal-any General Mills or Kellogg’s, other than Cheerios and those with marshmallows (unsweetened cereals are preferred).

*Canned fruits, Dole or Del Monte (sugar-free Del Monte canned peaches and pears are desirable, also apple sauce).

*Canned vegetables-peas, corn, green beans (Green Giant, Del Monte)

*Canned tuna, preferably in water (Chicken of the Sea, Bumble Bee or Starkist)

*Canned or jarred gefilte fish

*Cooking oil-canola, vegetable or olive

*Herbal tea, caffeinated or decaf

*Jam/Jelly (strawberry preferred)

*Pasta-Prince, Creamettes or Barilla in any form (whole wheat pasta is especially welcome).

*Pasta sauce (vegetarian)*Peanut butter (Skippy, Peter Pan)


*Soups (chicken soup with matzo balls or noodles preferred)

*Vegetarian canned beans-Heinz, Bush’s, Goya

Non food items: liquid or powdered home cleaning supplies, baby wipes, children’s pull up diapers of all sizes, feminine products

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