I highly recommend this 6-part set of workshops offered by the Center for Companies that Care (CTC) via Zoom

I am writing as a parent and Jewish educator to invite you and/or those you serve to participate in a unique set of workshops to help ensure college success and graduation.  As you are aware, beginning college represents a huge transition for both students and their parents.  For students with neurobehavioral differences (ADHD, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, learning disabilities or mental health issues), it presents unique challenges which can derail success if not confronted and addressed.  The workshops described below address the issues which students with neurobehavioral difficulties face and present tested ways to overcome them.  My endorsement of these workshops is the result of a collaboration between Am Yisrael Congregation and Companies that Care (CTC); for two years CTC has participated in meetings whose purpose was to promote inclusion in our School of Jewish Studies.

Marci Koblenz, Founder and President of Center for Companies That Care (CTC), is the parent of three adult children with neurobehavioral differences, all of whom have successfully graduated from college.  CTC is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to maximizing college graduation for underserved, inner city youth, many of whom are first generation students.  The workshops are an outgrowth both of Marci’s experience with her own children and of her experience mentoring the myriads of students whom CTC has helped to successfully graduate from college.  We hope you can help us spread the word to parents of high school juniors and seniors you think could benefit from these six, once-a-month sessions via Zoom.  

If you have questions or would like more information, please call Marci at 312-661-1010 or Adina Kleiman at 847-226-0423.

Thank you,


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