Women’s Network of Am Yisrael (WNAY) Mishloach Manot project supporting Friends of the IDF Lone Soldiers

Dear Am Yisrael SJS Community,
As you know, Women’s Network of Am Yisrael is doing a mitzvah project this year to raise money for the Friends of the IDF Lone Soldier Project.   Lone soldiers fight for Israel’s defense, but have no family in Israel to support them — Friends of the IDF fill this void.
Every year when we read from the Megillat Esther scroll during Purim, we are reminded to participate in the mitzvah of mishloach manot.   Mishloach manot are gifts of food for family, friends and others during Purim, meant to ensure that everyone has enough food for the Purim feast and to encourage harmony and friendship in the Jewish community.
You can send beautiful Purim postcards in lieu of food to honor family and friends. Proceeds from Women’s Network’s sale of mishloach manot cards will be donated to the Lone Soldier Project.
You can buy the cards in sets of 3 (as many sets as you wish) for $18 per set. We’d like to make purchasing as easy as possible.  You can give your child the payment by check or cash in an envelope to be given to me — I will make sure the payment is passed on to Women’s Network. On Sunday, February 23, Women’s Network will make sure your child receives the cards to take home to you.   Please clearly label the payment envelope “Mishloach Manot Cards.” If you write a check, please make the check out to “Women’s Network of Am Yisrael.”
If you would rather buy mishloach manot cards in person, cards will be available for purchase on SJS conference day, Feb. 12 in the SJS lobby.
If you prefer that Women’s Network stamp, address, and mail the cards for you, you can purchase the cards by completing the form at this link:https://tinyurl.com/WNAYMishloachManot Women’s Network will stamp, address and mail the cards for you for an additional  $2.00 per 3 cards (i.e., $20 for each set of 3 cards).
Thank you for helping Women’s Network carry out this mitzvah and helping us to teach your children about mishloach manot.
Charlie Sherman
Head of School

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