Madrichim Training Updates 2018-2019 (5779)

Using the story from the book of Exodus of Nachson, who was the first to enter the Red Sea before it was parted as the Israelites were fleeing Egypt, we focused on what it means to be the person who has to take the chance and lead. We discussed how as Madrichim sometimes it means that they need to walk away from what their friends/peers are doing in order to get things done and at other times it means encouraging their fellow madrichim to change course of what they are doing. Additionally, we discussed that as Madrichim they are always being watched by their peers and more importantly the students and therefore why it’s even more important to be showing positive leadership examples.

-Written 2-25-19 by Morah Aviva Tilles,

We are discussing how conscious talking and active listening are both important leadership skills in their own way. After thinking about if we prefer to talk or to listen in general and why, we discuss if that changes when it comes to leadership overall and specifically in their Madrichim experiences. Through the experience of speaking and actively listening for 2 minutes we discuss why each has its time and place and how we can work with the students to use both experiences to have the best classroom experience possible.

-Written 1-6-19 by Morah Aviva Tilles,

After spending time talking about the Madrichim’s WHY and therefore what their goals are, and then last month talking about what is needed to help them reach their goals this month we are beginning to focus a little more on the individual. We discuss what they have seen as positive and negative leadership traits from leaders in their personal lives that have impacted them and began looking at what type of leader they may be. The next set of training will focus on taking what type of leader they are and approaching some situations to think about how their leadership style will help but may also need support.

-Written 12-4-18 by Morah Aviva Tilles,

After discussing our Why the last time we began the conversation of what steps they need to take to help make the Why and their goals a reality. We watched a TED Talk: concerning Objectives & Key Results to help bridge the previous discussion and lead into this one. I encourage you to speak with your children about what next steps they need to take to help reach the personal “Whys” they set forth and what steps they are going to focus on for the communal goals for the madrichim.

-Written 10-7-18 by Morah Aviva Tilles,

Objectives & Whats Your Why? – We spent our first meeting together beginning to discuss why each of them is there. Through the lens that while on the 50,000 & 25,000 feet level why they are here as Madrichim comes from the same place – including setting 2 overarching objectives of the Madrichim program: 1) being a leader through teaching, showing (being an example), cooperation & mentorship and 2) thinking through learning about how to better insure the future for caring about Jewish values. We ended with each madrich/a thinking about the reason that each of them is choosing to be here and how throughout the year that means they will help set the training needs through what comes up with their experiences in the SJS community. I encourage you to discuss with your child what they indicated as their why and some of what they are hoping to work on through training this year.

-Written 9-18-18 by Morah Aviva Tilles,

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