32nd Week: SJS 5/17 & 5/20

Message from Mr. Sherman
On Sunday, May 24th we will be having a special program with Nava Tehila from 10:00 a.m.-11:30 a.m. to honor Shavuot and the celebration of Torah with over 30 student and Madrichim Torah readers.  The original SJS calendar states that SJS begins at the regular time, however we will not begin this special program until 10:00 a.m.  We truly hope to see all SJS students and their families on May 24th.
This evening we will begin a new tradition at Am Yisrael SJS.  We will be honoring our graduating High School Seniors who have remained a part of our School of Jewish Studies through their Senior year through our Madrichim program.  This year twelve seniors in High School are on our Madrichim staff, and as part of this program take a class that is taught half of the weeks by Rabbi Newman Kamin and the other half by Cantor Simon.  Mazal Tov to the following students and their families: Jessica Bleiweis, Elliott Cohen, Dana Dolinko, Frieda Greenthal, Eddie Hocman, Ari Jacobson, Ben Klein, Sarah Nadler, Sarah Piell, Liza Salberg, Jordan Schiff and Josh Sussman.  You have contributed to our community in a profound way and we and incredibly grateful to you!
Such a core value in our Jewish beliefs is helping those in need.  As many members of the various Chicagoland communities go away for the summer, the pantries become bare very quickly.  The need is there 365 days a year and we can and WILL make a difference!  We ask that every student, teacher and madrich(a) either give at least one of the assigned items, or OTHER items on this list, as follows:
GAN & VAV: jam (Smucker: strawberry preferred)
ALEPH, GIMEL and HEH: cold cereal
BET & DALET: canned peas (Green Giant, Del Monte), canned peaches, pineapple and/or pears (Dole, Del Monte–please not in heavy syrup)
ZAYIN: canned salmon (Pillar Rock or Chicken of the Sea
PROZDOR: dry beans (lentil, garbanzo, navy or kidney)
ALL HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS and MADRICHIM: vegetarian baked beans- Heinz, Bush’s, Goya
Finally, Mazal Tov to Henry Mann on becoming a Bar Mitzvah, as he will be called to the Torah this Shabbat afternoon.  Mazal Tov to Henry’s parents, Lisa Mann and Rob Mann and to his sister, Lyla and to his brother Ryan and their entire family!  Shabbat Shalom!

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