25th Week: SMFP 3/14, SJS 3/15 & 3/18

Message from Mr. Sherman
This weekend we have SMFP, a brand new program called Passover University and the Vav Family Education Brunch.  I love these kinds of weekends because the synagogue will be filled with “The Team”.  We love partnering with the parents of our students to create learning at its best.  We thank you in advance for making this a special Am Yisrael weekend and filling our buildings with Jewish learning, ruach (spirit) and nachas (pride in our future generations).  As you engage with your children about their Jewish Studies, please be sure to check out the Class Home pages this week, following a two week hiatus during my paternity leave.  Hebrew Practice instructions can be found here, as we continue assessing our students on their progress.  Mazal Tov in advance to our SMFP Torah Readers and their families: David Bodansky (Heh), Deborah Bodansky (Prozdor), Jacob Brodsky (Vav), Max Gerber (Pardes), Ari Harkavy (Heh), Levi Jagher (Aleph), Zoe Jagher (Dalet), Helen Lerner (Heh), Kenny Rolnick (Gimel), Liana Rosen (Gimel), Jeremy Schoen (Gimel), Jonathan Schoen (Heh), Etai Weisberg (Dalet) and Noam Weisberg (Bet).  Shabbat Shalom!

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