Sixteenth Week: SMFP 1/10, SJS 1/11 & 1/14

Message from Mr. Sherman
Welcome back to Am Yisrael SJS!  We missed getting to see our students on Wednesday due to the frigid temperature, but very look forward to seeing everyone this weekend.  Our Teachers and Madrichim are very grateful to the parents who contributed to their Chanukah gifts, as has become a really nice tradition.  For a description of SMFP programming by age/grade level, please go to We have an excellent team of teachers who look forward to teaching our students at SMFP beginning at 9:30 a.m. sharp, which coincides perfectly with the start of services in the Main Sanctuary.  Those attending the “Undernighter” Ruach program with Miss Jamie Cooper should contact her if you have any questions: or 847-962-1478.  Also, just a reminder that the Bet Brunch with the Rabbi, originally scheduled for this Sunday was moved to the following Sunday, January 18th.  Shabbat Shalom!

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