Eleventh Week: SJS Sun. 11/16 & Wed. 11/19

Message from Mr. Sherman
A magical weekend took place at the Perlman Retreat Center at our Family Retreat.  In my weekly collage are just a few glimpses of the pictures that were taken following Shabbat at the retreat.  Thanks so much to the adults, teens and tweens who planned and helped the Rabbi and I in so many ways.  It was truly a community effort.  In addition, thanks to the nearly 100% participation at Parent Teacher Conferences this week for the Bet through Zayin Classes.  This Shabbat, the Rabbi, Cantor, Nancy and I will be presenting at the annual B’nai Mitzvah Worshop for 6th Graders and their families, as the students will help lead services from the bimah.  We also have two separate field trips for 7th through 10th Graders listed below.  Finally, please pay very close attention to the request for toiletries, as our SJS community will be donating them as Chanukah gifts just 9 days from today.  As always, please take a moment to check out what is going on in your child(ren)’s classes, by checking out the quick links above.  Shabbat Shalom!
Ark Chanukah Gifts
Our friends at the Ark are going to be given very practical gifts by us.  On Sunday, Nov. 23rd our Heh Class (with a few parent volunteers) will be packaging toiletries.  We ask that students from each class bring in the following over the course of the next nine days:
Please be sure to bring at least one of the assigned toiletries and drop them in the bins in the school lobby from 11/9 through 11/23 as follows (Please feel free to bring items not assigned specifically to your child(ren)’s class(es)):
  • Gan (K): toothbrushes
  • Aleph (1st Grade): toothpaste
  • Bet (2nd Grade): shampoo
  • Gimel (3rd Grade): conditioner
  • Dalet (4th Grade): deodorant
  • Heh (5th Grade): body lotions
  • Vav (6th Grade): soap (bar or shower gel)
  • Zayin (7th Grade): kleenex
  • Prozdor (8th Grade): shower caps
  • Pardes (9th Grade): mouthwash
  • Confirmation (10th Grade): nail care items
Second Annual Judy Grossbard Memorial Jewish Reading Challenge 

All Gan through Zayin SJS students are in the midst of reading Jewish-themed books and keeping track of their minutes. We will celebrate with the winners and with all of our Jewish learners at an ice cream social on Sunday, Dec. 14th. Extra copies of the forms can be found HERE.

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