Opening Week: SJS Sun. 9/7 & Wed. 9/10

Message from Mr. Sherman
We are very excited to welcome our SJS students for the first day of classes, this coming Sunday, Sept. 7th.  Our teaching team is geared up for a fantastic year and as usual, all the information that you will need to know can be found in this weekly newsletter, which also links to our website.  I encourage you to forward this newsletter to any friends who have been looking at our synagogue and/or are looking for a thriving congregation and/or Jewish school for their child(ren).  Finally, please note where each student is supposed to meet this Sunday, listed directly below and that s/he will be greeted in the school lobby and must sign in with security prior to heading to their assigned locations.  As long as adults do not park in the circle, they are welcome to park and bring students (especially in the younger grades) to their classrooms.  Warm regards!

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